Blackjack, gaming methods recommended

Knowing the rules does not mean knowing how to play blackjack, nor even to think about becoming a pro blackjack. Blackjack is a game where luck counts a lot, skills, mathematics and memory. Even a good sixth sense certainly does not hurt, though not of any value added by a talking point of view of mathematical statistics.

Becoming a professional blackjack is not a simple thing, besides a deep knowledge of gaming systems, you need much skill and experience. There are many strategies for blackjack, some simple, some complex, others are impossible to implement for people with a normal IQ.

Card Counting

In this regard, one of the best strategies is card counting, although the latter has the following disadvantages:
– Impractical in the online game, because the deck is shuffled before each hand
– Complicated, since it serves great application to understand and a good memory to remember the cards
– Thwarted in many live casinos, as are measures used to counter this advantageous method: automatic mixers, deck cut to two thirds of the total number of cards or other stratagems.

The basic strategy

Our advice to start the game is to get familiar with the so-called “basic strategy”, which should make that play in any type of hand. There are tables to help players in selecting the decision to make: calling card, split, double down or stop?

What do I do if I am holding 20 with two identical cards? I divide? I stop? Double down if I have ten in my hand and the dealer also has ten? The answer to these questions lies in the simple and recurring basic strategy. Look at the tables to play blackjack to know in each moment what move you will have more chance of winning the hand at blackjack.

Use of this gaming system is highly recommended for everyone. Beginners in particular will take as long as you want: online blackjack with no rush and you can take the time you need before making your move.

In live casino is not really so: the wrong time can result in a bet very unpleasant attitudes from the other players seated at the table, and certainly do not like the dealer if the game slowed down and, consequently, the revenue of the casino the same.