Adapting to the game opponent

The fact of knowing how to adapt your game to the strategy of opponents will allow you to make your moves with confidence. Keep in mind the following universal rule: a passive table, play strong. In an active table, play quietly.

At a table rather passive, players are conservative. There are few players do not bluff and raise their bets unless there are good hands, etc.. During the poker games passive, opportunities to raise the stakes are many: you can steal enough after the blinds, making venture bluff devastating etc. … but do not go too fast. Raising the stakes over and over again, you may have to deal with a big move, so watch out!

On the contrary, in a game played strong players bet very, very bluff and continue to raise the stakes. At this type of tables the best thing you can do, then, is to play in a quiet way: if your hand is good or very good, you may take considerable advantages, since many players go and raise the pot.

From the moment you take your place at a gaming table (both in live poker in the online), the first things to do is judge, look at the attitude of the other players. Your opponents play continuously? From which tend to raise the bet? From what positions? What maps show the river? These and many senior clues will be able to shed light on the composition of the poker table. Never forget that the tables there are many active or aggressive bluff. And we all know who bluffs can be bluffed!